I’ve launched a weekly “Studio Challenge” series for everyone that has been looking into creating their own mashups and remixes!


My favorites will get shared across my social channels that have millions of viewers as I want to encourage everyone to get involved, be creative, and see how much fun mixing music can be. With the right tools it can be easy too!

Feel free to film your session however you’d prefer, and post on any social platform(s) you’d like. 


***For this week (11/6/23-11/13/23), it’s MASHUP REQUEST WEEK! This is the only time you’ll have the opportunity to submit a mashup idea or request for me to consider, so start dropping your brain thoughts baby!

To submit, create a session in Sounds.Studio with the songs you want me to mash loaded up and stem-separated. I’ll do my best to make them work! Session links can be submitted on my social media channels or via my CONTACT page***


The two simple rules are:

1. Follow the theme set forth in the current weekly challenge (don’t just send me ideas – create the sessions in Sounds.Studio)!

2. Tag me (@djcummerbund) and use the hashtag #soundsstudio so I can find the mixes you’re posting so I can check them out and share!


Have fun with it! I’m excited to see what kind of mixes everyone comes up with, and reach out if you have any questions!