DJ Cummerbund in Vegas


In the year 2014, DJ Cummerbund exploded onto the scene out of nowhere – forever changing the landscape of music as we know it.

DJ Cummerbund quickly established himself as an icon in the underground world of mashups and remixes where he takes seemingly unrelated musical elements, songs, and artists, and transforms them into pieces of art that often transcend the impact and meaning original tunes. His uncanny ability to manipulate existing pieces of music harken back to the whimsical works of mixologists such as Neil Cicierga and Wax Audio, and he continues to redefine the sub-genre to this day. His songs have amassed millions upon millions of views on platforms like YouTube and TikTok where he’s shared over 100 unique, groundbreaking mixes for music fans to enjoy.

Cummerbund has enjoyed a significant amount of accolades from prominent press outlets such as Nerdist, Kerrang!, NPR, Alternative Press, Metal Injection, AV Club, Loudwire, Billboard, and many others, as well as praise from a variety of music industry icons such as Dave Grohl, Gene Simmons, Tom Morello, Nikki Sixx, Chad Kroeger, Keith Urban, Chris Martin, Shania Twain, and many others over the years thanks to his consistent output of insane mashups that technically should not work – but somehow do when placed in the skilled hands of the unbridled DJ. Artists like Foo Fighters and Nickelback have been filmed playing snippets of DJ Cummerbund’s mashups (“Freaktender” and “PantsFeet” respectively) live in concert – much to the delight of fans in attendance and thus showcasing how impactful much of Cummerbund’s work has become.

In May of 2020, DJ Cummerbund was given an illustrious Webby Award for his popular song “Play That Funky Music Rammstein”. Further adding to his trophy collection, Cummerbund was honored with an MTV Video Music Award in September of 2021 for his viral TikTok post of “Shaxicula”.

Also in 2021, DJ Cummerbund teamed with the iconic B-52s to create a licensed version of Shaxicula – marking Cummerbund’s first foray into the world of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. This collaboration led to DJ Cummerbund being asked to open for the B-52s on their 2022 Farewell Tour as well as their 2023 & 2024 Las Vegas Residency dates.

DJ Cummerbund’s devotion and tribute to the late great wrestling icon Randy “Macho Man” Savage is a constant in his songs, as Cummerbund often includes samples from Randy’s game-changing 2003 hip-hop album “Be A Man” as well as visuals from the wresting legend’s storied in-ring career to punctuate sections of his musical masterpieces.

Aside from his career as a masher and producer, DJ Cummerbund has also delved into the world of wrestling himself where he most recently battled WWE Superstar Bull Dempsey (now known as Bull James) at an independent wrestling event in Freeport, NY in August of 2018 where Cummerbund was pummeled and injured by the much-larger wrestling star following a tumultuous interaction with a hostile crowd.


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