Q. Where can I stream full versions of DJC’s mixes?

A. Cummerbund’s full mixes can be found on YOUTUBE primarily with some snippets of additional songs being posted on TIKTOKINSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK several times per week as well.


Q. Where can I download DJC’s mixes?

A. Access to mixes can be made available on his PATREON page for certain tiers.


Q. What program does DJC use to edit audio?

A. Cummerbund uses two different music-editing programs (DAWs) – Pro Tools and Sounds.Studio (a new easy-to-use, browser-based application that has just launched) 


Q. How else can I support DJC since he can’t sell his mixes?

A. Aside from PATREON, buying products from affiliate links, one of the best ways to support DJC is by purchasing some sweet new merch dropping soon!


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Where is DJ Cummerbund based out of?

DJ Cummerbund is based out of Long Island, NY where he was raised on a small family farm.

How long has DJC been making mashups and remixes?

Cummerbund has been creating and releasing music professionally since 2014 but has been a musician since birth – learning to play a variety of instruments initially under the tutelage of his father after chores were finished.

How does DJC come up with ideas for his mashups?

Cummerbund has been diagnosed with a condition that causes him to hear a variety of frequencies and sounds simultaneously when prompted by any kind of aural stimuli. Be it a song, the melodic chirping of a bird, or a soft breeze blowing through the forest trees, Cummerbund says he is “haunted” by random accompanying sounds that can be either sonically pleasing or horribly dissonant at times. Medical professionals have encouraged him to keep creating his mashups and warn that if he doesn’t he risks falling very ill – or could even die.

What program does DJC use to edit video?

Cummerbund uses Final Cut Pro.

How do you isolate the vocals/instrumentals?

While DJC generally sources pre-isolated tracks often available on sites like YouTube, he also uses the new Sounds.Studio app’s stem extractor function to create isolated tracks directly from songs.

Wait…how are you making artists sing the lyrics of other artists’ songs?

A lot of people think some kind of sophisticated A.I. is being utilized, but in most cases it’s just DJC singing custom parts himself. The same goes for custom guitar, bass, piano, etc. parts – usually just Cummerbund playing new parts to tie songs together when manipulation of the original audio isn’t sufficient. 

Does DJC perform live?

Yes! Cummerbund was honored to serve as the opener for the B-52s’ Farewell Tour in 2022 and their Las Vegas Residency dates in 2023, and performs at other events and festivals. Any interested parties can reach out about this through the SERVICES page. 

Does DJC have a Spotify page?

Yes – though obviously due to licensing and permissions, the majority of DJC’s mixes are not available on these types of platforms. Check out the STREAMING page to see what’s currently available!

Can DJC post his mixes on Soundcloud?

Not anymore. Cummerbund used to upload his mixes there but as the site started blocking most of them he stopped several years ago.

Is this DJC’s full-time job?

No – this remains a fun “side-hustle” at the moment. During the day, Cummerbund works as a freelance butcher in the NY metro area and devotes his little bit of free time to creating and mixing late in the evenings after Taekwondo practice.

Does DJC accept requests or suggestions for mashups and remixes?

The first week of every month, Cummerbund accepts requests as part of his STUDIO CHALLENGE

I’m looking to have a mix created for a special occasion or purpose. Can DJC help with that?

If you are interested in commissioning a mix feel free to reach out via the SERVICES page. Cummerbund tries to work with any and all budgets and is happy to go over ideas with you.

What’s the deal with Randy “Macho Man” Savage in all of DJ Cummerbund’s content?

How dare you even ask this.

Can DJ Cummerbund beat me up?

Definitely. DJC has not only been involved in professional wrestling, but also practices Taekwondo nightly.

Will DJC be releasing any original music?

Cummerbund has secretly been working on original material and plans a release on all platforms sometime in the near future.