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Jergens Jellybean Monster Dark Hoodie

Jergens Jellybean Monster Dark Hoodie

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This hairly jellybean creature is named Jergens. I see him in my night terrors often, and he screams at me about Bb minor. 

Step right up and feast your eyes on the DJ Cummerbund Jergens Hoodie! When you thought DJ Cummerbund couldn't get any wilder, we've turned the volume up to "mythical mashup" with this exclusive design. 

**Product Details:**

Material: Made with a fabric blend that's as smooth as DJC's mashups, this hoodie offers comfort for all-day wear, no matter how long the setlist is.

Design: A one-of-a-kind, quirky creature that's part unicorn, part party animal, all DJC. It's got the horn of a unicorn, the mouth that's ready to drop bass, not bites, and the attitude of a headliner.

Color: A deep, mysterious purple jellybean that's as rich as the beats in a Cummerbund creation.

**Why You'll Want It:**

Make a Statement: This isn't just a T-shirt; it's a loud, proud shout-out to the legendary DJ Cummerbund. Wear it and become an instant legend at parties, concerts, and even mythical creature conventions.

Exclusive Artwork: You won't find this fantastical beast anywhere else. It's as unique as DJC's mind-bending music fusions.

Perfect for Fans: If your playlist features DJ Cummerbund on repeat, it's time your wardrobe reflected your impeccable musical taste.

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